E4/E20 Norra Station NS13

In the project Norra station 13, HOCHTIEF has expanded a southbound road tunnel with five lanes and a northbound tunnel with four lanes that lead traffic to and from the Norra link.

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The project, which started in 2012, involved a widening with a lane. At the height of Solnabron, the lanes were divided so that four lanes were led out on the Essingeleden and one lane was led towards the Klarastrandsleden.


Norra Länken NL35

Between KTH mechanical engineering and eastwards to Fiskartorpsvägen, HOCHTIEF has built two road tunnels and an exit tunnel through the mountain.

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The project involved, among other things, installation of ventilation drums with drilling and blasting technology where 440,000 m3 of rock material was removed, injection, protection and construction of inner shells as well as complete road works and installation of, among other things, pump station, transformer station and ventilation systems.

Norra Länken NL51

The northern link consists of several interconnected tunnels that connect Lidingö with Värtahamnen. In collaboration with the Swedish partner ODEN, HOCHTIEF Solutions AG, Germany's Sweden branch, has built the road tunnel Norra länken 51.

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Norra länken 51 connects to Norra länken 35, which has also been built by HOCHTIEF. The intersection provides access to one of Sweden's busiest motorways, the Essingeleden, in western Stockholm.  

The tunnel is built as a "Cut and Cover", ie as an open shaft. In connection with this, it was necessary to excavate the bedrock at a volume of 210,000 m³. A total of 20,000 m3 of rock material was removed.