We are building Sweden's Infrastructure

We are building Sweden's Infrastructure

in Sweden

Since you probably know the Öresund Bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen, it means that you already know a part of us: The bridge was built by HOCHTIEF.  The combined experience of our employees forms the very basis for HOCHTIEF's operations and what is our core competence - to build high-quality infrastructure solutions.

HOCHTIEF is an engineering-led, global infrastructure group. The company has a leading position in its core business construction, service and public infrastructure / community building, with a focus on Australia, North America and Europe.

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Norra Länken NL51

Norra länken består av flera sammankopplade tunnlar som förbinder Lidingö med Värtahamnen. I samarbete med svenska partnern ODEN har HOCHTIEF Solutions AG Tysklands Sverigefilial byggt vägtunneln Norra länken 51.

Norra Länken NL35

Between KTH mechanical engineering and eastwards to Fiskartorpsvägen, HOCHTIEF has built two road tunnels and an exit tunnel through the mountain.

Bypass Stockholm FSE101

Bypass Stockholm is one of Sweden's largest infrastructure projects of all time, running until 2026. HOCHTIEF's contract covers the southernmost parts of the facility.