Anneberg-Skanstull Tunnel

Svenska kraftnät is building a new electricity connection between Anneberg and Skanstull, in order to meet the growing demand for electricity in Stockholm. The contractor is the JV HOCHTIEF Implenia consortium.

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Elförbindelsen ska gå i en tunnel som sträcker sig från Danderyd i norr, under Stockholms innerstad, till Mårtensdal, söder om Skanstull. Sedan sommaren 2019 finns JV HOCHTIEF Implenia på byggarbetsplatsen i Danderyd. Cirka 7,352 km har hittills borrats.


Bypass Stockholm FSE101

Bypass Stockholm is one of Sweden's largest infrastructure projects of all time, running until 2026. HOCHTIEF's contract covers the southernmost parts of the facility.

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Today there is only one major road when you have to pass Stockholm or get between the northern and southern parts: Essingeleden, which goes straight through Stockholm.

The contract includes building the construction parts furthest south within the E4 Bypass Stockholm. This includes rebuilding and new construction of roads, a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge and a new traffic area.

Västberga Allé

The project included renovation of an existing road bridge, road works, foundations, work and new construction of two steel bridges, one for road traffic and one for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, between Västberga allé and Åbyvägen in Stockholm.

The project started in 2015 and the bridges were opened to traffic in June 2017.
The traffic office in the city of Stockholm was the client.

Norra Station NS24

HOCHTIEF's assignment was to increase the Norra link's drainage capacity by building a reservoir where the stormwater from the heavily trafficked E20 and E4 thoroughfares can be delayed and purified before being led on to Lake Mälaren.

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North station 24 differs from other stormwater reservoirs by being located above ground, in the basement. The magazine ends up in the middle of the eye-catcher in the intensely trafficked surroundings, especially Rörstrandsgatan in Stockholm. Therefore, the City of Stockholm placed high demands on the design of the building.